Shamanic Healing, Courses & Retreats

Your Life

1. Shamanic Healing

Supporting Your Vision

These Healing sessions are for those of you who are looking to bring the spiritual into the physical. Supporting the vision that we are here for a reason. Each of us containing a particular gift that wants to move forward and be shared with humanity.

Deciding If This Is Right For You

If I am the right fit for your journey there are various ways we can work together. One of the best ways to work with me is either in the container of a retreat or in the process of a committed journey.

What is Shamanism ?
Shamanism is the oldest known religion in the world. It is not a tradition owned by any people, as the term itself was coined by anthropologists to express a phenomena that was witnessed across continents. Shamans provided and served their communities in a myriad of ways.

There are many different types of shamanic techniques and practices based on particular cultures, lands, and systems of thought. And yet all shamanism is rooted in bringing things back into balance.

And Just like all health care traditions, many traditions have evolved and transformed.

What is Channeling?

One of my first experiences that broke my old program around what was possible happened in Venezuela. I met a young healing practitioner who had the gift of channelling.

In this experience we discovered family secrets that had actually created all kinds of issues that had not been addressed. These were things that no one could have known about, and here he was saying it to a room full of us.

The channelling, as difficult as it was at the time, provided tremendous freedom and expanded understanding.

Channelling is a very natural practice and most of us do it all the time. We begin to channel creative energy, flow, ideas, concepts, that we can feel are greater then us.

We all are a part of Gods heart and connected to the source of all.
And so the practice of channelling can give us a birds eye view of a situation that can give us answers to questions that may be too charged or almost veiled from us, based on the trauma or pain we are experiencing.

When anyone channels, only trust channels who are very clear with their boundaries. Only channelling for the highest good of all, and for the highest expression of healing.

And just like all health care traditions, many traditions have evolved and transformed.


Ayni/energetic exchange | 1.5hr session | $111 USD or $140 CAD

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Your Heart

2. Online Courses

Plant Attunements

This is a technology which opens the realms of the earth’s magic. Viewing particular plants as allies and masters in certain realms. With an ability to take us places that are often more difficult to arrive at through our human efforts. This is not as strict as a full Amazonian plant dieta, but still in the same resonance.

All cultures had ways of learning from the earth in a deep way. This practice is embodied earth wisdom, and allows for us to receive energetic, emotional and physical support from the plant world. This practice views certain master plants as exactly that, masters. These spirits support us in our remembering and bringing us into balance.

This powerful practice has the ability to truly repattern certain dynamics, programs, unhelpful beliefs and so much more. The attunement follows different protocols depending on the plant we are working with. It involves committing to offering up certain foods, fasting from the news, and certain social media, and honoring your words as magic.

Attunements range between 12, 21, and 28 days


We will have 2 calls a week, plus check ins with me as you all will be on my radar. We will invoke over our time together different feminine archetypes to support us in what our teacher is moving and guiding.

We will use Inquiry practices, healing meditations and shamanic techniques to support you in each call.

Also it is my intention to create space for sacred connections and will open the circle to see what visions, dreams, prophecy, teachings are coming in this container and our group genius. This is always very special.

Once your registered I will send you instructions how to prepare your medicine for this attunement.



For this time, it’s best if there is no reading the news, unless you do it in a place of prayer. As the Dalai lama takes time to watch the news, he uses it as a tool to foster compassion. If you watch the news, or engage in reading the news, this must be the intention during this time.

No mindlessly scrolling. If you work in social media, or advertise through social media, you can engage and post but no mindless scrolling. Catch yourself. Read books, listen to talks that are in alignment with this practice.


No chemicals in your food. This includes preservatives. You will be asked to create food that is fresh and alive.

Salads, fruits, Roasted vegetables and rice, baked squash etc. The vision is to get you into alignment with the earth’s wisdom and to receive the subtleties of cedars teachings.

No Dairy
No Gluten
No sugar
No processed foods
No chips
No alcohol
No factory farm Meat
No red meat, though you can have wild game if caught in an ethical way.


No gossip. No putting others down, this includes Hollywood actors, politicians, your mother in law, or the person that annoys you at work. This may mean having more direct conversations with people if conflict arises. We are working on re-patterning certain dynamics here. And deeper levels of inquiry when certain dynamics play out. So watch what you engage in and try to stay out of politics for this journey.


please inquire about the next plant attunement

Your Soul

3. Healing Retreats

Mary Magdalene

It is said based on the gospel of Mary and the gospel of Thomas  that Mary was one of Jesus’s strongest and most loved disciples. That she was a revolutionary spiritual devotee and came from a high class of women who likely funded the movement at the time. It is said Jesus would often give teachings through her, or they would teach together. This at a time when women could be stoned for pretty much anything that was revolutionary.

She was a fully awakened woman and Mystic, a woman whose heart was completely devoted to God.  She knew who she was and would not apologize or conform to her environment to make others comfortable. This is one of her spiritual teachings to be unapologetic in being ourselves.

 After the crucifixion and the beginning of the early church. She was said to escape to France where she began to convert people to the teachings of christ. Love, compassion forgiveness and our eternal nature.

A Patron Saint

Many have had visions of the Magdalene, always with angels.
As with many mystery teachings and the feminine mystery schools they were kept hidden and in secret. And it’s said she was a carrier of the ancient priestess traditions prior to biblical times and patriarchal domain. Which would make sense due to her high wealth and stature.

Called a prostitute and whore. She is a divine teacher in loving all parts of ourself. To not mind what others say about us and let our truth be between us and the source of life.

A few different people have Channeled mary magdalene and her teachings and story, many which coincide with what historians have found.
One of my favorite channeled texts that speak Of mary magdalene is the Sophia code by Kaia RA. 💕💕✨✨✨

What You'll Learn

You will be required to bring your own wild roses to our first call, whether dried petals or fresh to be the meeting time. You can find most health food stores that sell herbs have organic dried rose petals. You can change to fresh roses once the roses start blooming in your area. These rose petals will be blessed and activated in prayer during our call.

You will also need to purchase a high quality rose oil if you do not have one. With this rose oil, you will make rose water. This rose water will be used every day. I encourage you to use your intuition when purchasing this. You can Muscle test the oil, and make sure you feel a yes. I will check to make sure everyone has roses before we begin.


please inquire about pricing for the retreats.

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