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About Athena

My name is Athena. I am a woman on a path devoted to The Great Love. The Great Mystery guiding me across continents learning indigenous wisdom, ceremony, and the quiet teachings in the silence. Listening to the stories of my ancestors and doing my best to follow the guidance and trust the process as it all unfolds. I have been studying shamanism and traditional forms of healing in North and South America for the past 15 years, and have put in countless hours of study on this journey that has taught me to believe in miracles, and more than anything, that love and non judgment is one of the greatest medicines that the human spirit needs to thrive.
Among other things I am an artist, a singer, Doula, writer, a walker of the lands, an aspiring herbalist, community organizer, and coach. I am a Mother of two beautiful children and a wife to a good man. I am a lover of ceremony, ritual, and magic. And I am fully in love with humanity and am a believer in our great potential. I look forward to connecting with you and supporting you in whatever ways i can, on this journey called life.

"I appreciate and respect everything she does. She truly walks her talk and is an incredible soul to be in the presence of. I recommend connecting with her in whatever capacity you are feeling called to; your life will be uplifted."

Kristina Coons

"She is a story teller, a singer, a healer, a carrier and protector of the medicine. Thank you Athena - truly."


What I Do

Energy Medicine,  Shamanic Healing & Spiritual Council

Healing sessions are a weaving tapestry of different modalities from different traditions that have found themselves in my tool belt using principles of shamanism and ancient wisdom and intuition. Working with your higher self, your inner healer, sessions create a space of deeper understanding of what may be playing out that is keeping you from your fullest authentic expression.

Whether its simply identifying patterns in your life that are on autopilot, working with a deeper understanding of our ancestral pain bodies that need to be released or seeing simply what wants to be upgraded. We work with what is available and what wants to be held in love in the present moment. I have come to be completely amazed by this work and i am continually humbled by it.

Sessions open and close with Prayer and Intention. Working with the Plant spirits, the earth, the ancestors, the many different lineages of light, and the power of Love.

I look forward to connecting with you!

Lets work together and support your big beautiful spirit